We are designers and much more.

Being located in one of the main centres of the Oil & Gas industry in Asia, we have naturally made ourselves specialists in designing vessels optimised for operations in tropical areas.

Our design philosophy is based on the key principles:
Easy to operate & maintain,
Comfort and safety of crew,
Cost effective innovation.

Classification Societies we are working with:

Designs – Overview

Our comprehensive design packages will generally include all the technical documents required for awarding a construction contract with a shipyard: construction specifications, general arrangement drawings, naval architecture studies, stability analysis, 3D models, structural analysis, basic scantling, basic structural drawings, hazardous areas, escape routes, piping schematics, electrical schematics, HVAC schematics, class approval of the basic design, etc.

SB 103 / SB 104 – Drilling Swamp Barges

The most modern inland barge designs so far – Proven best in class.


  • Type I (SB104): Slotted Submersible Barge type “Yani”
  • Type II (SB103): Heavy cantilever submersible barge type “Raissa”
  • Origin: Evolution of Protomax proven designs
  • Water depth: 25 ft ~ 27 ft (7.6m ~ 8.2m)
  • Classification: Bureau Veritas

MPJ 328 BUFFALO CLASS – Bigfoot liftboat

Well intevention, Offshore construction support, Wind farms, …


  • Type:Multipurpose self-propelled self-elevating unit
  • Water depth: Up to 245 ft (75 m)
  • Accommodations: 160 beds (single & double berth cabins)
  • Rules: ABS MODU rules


The high specification jack-up rig of the next generation.

Innovative optimised layout & overall structural robustness.


  • Type: High performance drilling jack-up
  • Water depth: 400 ft (122 m)
  • Accommodations: 150 beds (single & double berth cabins)
  • Rules: ABS


The cost effective solution for deep water drilling in mild environment.

Brief description

  • Type: Deep water drilling unit w/ prelaid mooring
  • Water depth: Up to 7,000 ft (2,135 m) w/ subsea BOP stack
    Up to 8,500 ft (2,600 ft) w/ surface BOP stack
  • Accommodations: 136 beds (single & double berth cabins)
  • Classification: Bureau Veritas


The Low Opex & Capex / Low Emissions deepwater drilling vessel.

Innovative solution driven by sustainability


  • Type: Ultra-deepwater DP3 compact drillship
  • Water depth: Up to 7,000 ft (2,130 m)
  • Accommodations: 160 beds (single & double berth cabins)
  • Rules: ABS MODU rules

UNIMOPU – Production Jack-up

A cost effective & versatile support,

re-thought / optimised for production facilities.


  • Type: Self-Installing Independent Legs Production Platform
  • Leg Length: Up to 164 m
  • Design Load: Top side load capacity 5,000 to 8,500 MT
  • Rules: ABS Rules, MOPU or “Offshore Installation”